Goku’s New Form’s Photo Leak – Silver Eyes And More

Dragon Ball Super already confirmed Goku’s new form and we were teased with a photo of Goku’s back but that wasn’t enough.

Few days back one of the staff member at Dragon Ball Super accidentally confirmed that Goku is getting a new form?


Few days back one of the staff member at Dragon Ball Super accidentally confirmed that Goku is getting a new form?


Goku’s new form’s photo is leaked from the front side and it looks absolutely amazing but yet somewhat simple. What does this new back say?


A few weeks ago, Dragon Ball Super released a Twitter feed with a picture of Goku with potentially a new form. Could this be a New God Goku? Is this a Mastered Kaioken? Is this Goku’s New Form? Will Goku beat Jiren with this form? there are really a lot of questions!

The manga has already done this where Goku has perfected the God form and is able to actually efficiently use the God ki in his base form. It’s much like the Mystic Gohan form but different. This form could be immensely powerful or it could be just a mistake in adjusting the color balance.

@yonkouprod confirmed Goku’s new form with a photo which is below, and it’s totally amazing. What do you think about it?



Dragon Ball Super Next Arc Already Hinted

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of power is already half way through its plot. And very soon we will see intense battles as the tournament reaches its end. But if you are wondering what’s next you have probably seen it but haven’t noticed.

You would remember that Whis and Goku used to travel across other universes just before the tournament began. This revealed how vast the Dragon ball universe is, but due the upcoming tournament, we did not get to explore the rest of the universe.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104
From Left: Goku, Dyspo, Vegeta, Hit

I’m sure you are already getting hints as we proceed. As the paths where this is leading is becoming much clearer. You would remember that Whis mention of a mortal whom Beerus could not even defeat. This means the mortal, at the very least, is evenly matched against Beerus. Most people are thinking that the mortal is probably Jiren. But the fact that his universe is considered to be of lower mortal level overrules it.

Goku new form tournament of power

This means that the four universes that where unexplored has stronger guys such that the likes of Beerus ranks with mortal individuals. With this, the power of Gods of destruction of such universes are unrivalled.

As we all know that Goku likes fighting stronger guys the next thing he will do after the tournament is to seek out such guys. So he will be asking Whis where to find such a guy whom Beerus can not defeat then challenge him.

The next arc would be basically about exploring the universe exempted from the tournament. Its so much like dragon Ball’s way of doing things. Where the guys Goku gets to face gets stronger and stronger each time. So the upcoming arcs are going to be more awesome than the tournament itself. You would have already noticed that the tournament is already halfway and we haven’t seen any fights that makes history.