Jiren’s Abilities Finally EXPLAINED! [In Detail]

Okay guys. We’ve heard a lot of theories and stuff about Jiren like he’s a puppet and many other crazy stuff. But if you’ve watched the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, we can come to the conclusion that all of these theories are just plain stupid.

Jiren is just simply strong. He’s a being from an unidentified race who has trained to the pinnacle of his strength. He meditates and has control over his ki. That’s what real martial artists do, when one realizes he doesn’t have much room for improvement, they start perfecting their inner self by meditating or some other sort. It is also one of the basic step in becoming a martial artist.

Jiren knows about Hit so we can assume that he’s also fairly old as compared to goku and the other earthlings. So we can assume that he’s had his fair share of meditation and mind control as the only thing he was doing before tournament of power was meditating.



Jiren is way stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Goku with Kaioken x20. He didn’t even spend much of his stamina to thrash Goku.

Now the real comparison starts. When Goku went into that Ultra Instinct form / transformation or whatever you call it. He was emitting and immense amount of heat. Even Whis was concerned about the heat. Jiren was a little fazed when he saw it.

Even the Ultra Instinct Goku wasn’t much effective against Jiren’s full might.




Now in this scene, WHAT HAPPENED JUST AFTER is the important key to understand the real mechanism of Jiren’s Power and also Goku’s Ultra Instinct.  See the video below.  Just after Jiren makes that remark, all the aura (HEAT!?) around Jiren that he released when he blocked Goku’s fist slowly went to his palm.

Now hear comes the real points  –

Jiren realizes Goku’s ultra instinct is temporary and that is why Goku is abruptly releasing the aura/heat.

That’s why he makes that remark. “THIS HEAT”, he’s trying to tell that this particular heat which he can’t control is his limit.  This is completely the same as it was in the case of Golden Frieza. As soon as Frieza got his form, he came to fight Goku and because his body couldn’t handle it he couldn’t control the form properly and was overheating(AURA!?).

Similarly Goku came up with the new form. ULTRA INSTINCT is the thing where your whole body moves on it’s own, which mean EACH ATOM IN THE BODY HAS IT’S OWN THOUGHT PROCESS, that is to dodge, move, attack or whatever. As Goku didn’t know what was actually going on and just fought with the burst of power he received, he couldn’t control the heat he was releasing. His body was over controlled by ultra instinct and the atoms inside his body were moving too fast for him. It was like there were 2 different guys inside Goku which may also indicate that his Saiyan cells have been activated further and this may be the fundamental states of true saiyans. Well that is for another day.


THE MOST LOGICAL EXPLANATION OF HIS RIDICULOUS STRENGTH IS BASICALLY HIS CONTROL OVER THE HEAT HE’S GENERATING. In the latest episode you can see some frames where he’s trying the heat/aura to break free from Hit’s attack. When he was caught by Hit’s attack, you could say that his cells were practically screaming, “BREAK FREE FROM THIS”. The instinct to break free, the control over heat made it possible for Jiren to get out of Hit’s attack and end it.

Jiren tried to break free from the attack by making him move by expanding the heat/aura inside him. This made him resistant to the attack and let him walk/move a bit. Hit was already at his limit, he doesn’t have much stamina, he’s an assassin. He can’t go through long fights and this attack was his last resort and on the other hand he was trying to finish it with releasing all his remaining energy.

But that was futile too as Jiren blocked the attack with his glare WHICH ENABLES HIM TO MAKE AN AURA(HEAT!?) SHIELD. This was possible because of his control over the heat. As Hit got weaker as he used all his energy, Jiren seized the moment and destroyed the attack with his hands and defeated Hit.


After Hit was eliminated, Jiren looked around and made the remark that there’s no one worthy left for him to fight. He doesn’t want to waste his time and went back to meditating. Now he’s meditating BUT THERE’S A CATCH.

He put up that aura shield thing again as we can see when a fighter tries to attack him. Now this also explains that Jiren can just assign what the heat he’s releasing should do and what.


What do you guys think about all this? Do share your views in the comments!!


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