Nami Outsmarts Big Mom!? One Piece 874

This chapter was like so amazing. Damn Nami, you’re the best girl. No wonder she’s everyone’s favorite. Okay, Okay. Let’s get on with the review.

The cover page shows the top 20 characters from the poll in a scene where they are riding a dragon.
Now the manga starts, lets go!

Big Mom is chasing the Straw Hat pirates and is also wielding the Elbaf Spear. She knows Giant’s techniques? Wow. she believes that the Straw Hat crew has stolen the wedding cake and now is in a frenzy.

She uses a slash attack on King Baum. He barely dodged it but lost nearly 40% of his body. The tree starts asking for forgiveness and knows he’s destined to die now. But Nami reminds him of his fiancee and tells him to keep living for her sake. Cunning Nami. King Baum decided to take another shot and starts running carrying the crew.


Big Mom starts to attack again when Nami just suddenly brew up a plan. She released small thunderclouds and lures Zeus out of his formation, hence making Big Mom fall down and misses her attack.


They give it a run and reach the seducing forest and the trees there make way for King Baum. BUT


Zeus follows them! What’s gonna happen now? He’s not here for a fight… but for some more thunderclouds to eat!!! Nami is surprised but once she gets hold of the conversation, she turns the table on Big Mom. Nami asks Zeus to become her underling and she will let her eat all the thunderclouds he wants everyday.



But suddenly Big Mom orders the seducing wood to stop them and they can’t refuse Big Mom. King Baum tried to rush but Prometheus catches up and says, “You’ve betrayed Big Mom?”. Prometheus attacks and it’s not definite but King Baum is 99% dead and turned to ashes while Big Mom is standing behind and asking for her wedding cake. Straw hat runs, grieving for King Baum but someone’s waiting for them in their ship… On the other hand Pudding is worried about Sanji and others being killed and is asking for Chiffon’s help.. What’s going on!?? Could this may finally hint to the fact that Sanji x Pudding is CONFIRMED? What’s going on and what will happen… I don’t know.. We have to wait a whole week for the climax.