Notorious Captain And Doctor, Trafalgar Law!

The notorious captain and doctor of the heart pirates the one known as the surgeon of death.


At 26 years old, he is the youngest shichibukai.

His wanted poster shows Beppo appearing in the background with his head turn in the same position and stance as OSAP and luffy’s poster.

In the fourth one-piece fan poll, law placed tenth making him the  most popular super nova

other than Zorro and Luffy and in the fifth fan poll he ranked second below only Luffy making him the most popular non
straw hat character.

The thing trafalgar law hates the most is bread.


Law’s birthday is October sixth which he shares with Toshiki and Bartolomeo.

Law was able to deflect doflamingo strings with his sword which is noteworthy as Doflamingo managed to effortlessly cut everything else so far.

Law is the only known survivor of amber LED syndrome or white lead poisoning.

Law uses the smiley style of Jolly Roger as first used by his former superior Don but unlike Doflamingo, smiley does not have a cancel sign across the smiley.


Trafalgar law is 191 centimeters tall or six foot three.

Law’s name has many origins. Law is derived from the real-life pirate Edward Lo who is apparently infamous for cruelty. Edward Lo own reputation for violently torturing victims before killing them.

Trafalgar is the name of the Cape in the southwest of Spain. The name is Arabic and it’s origin citing to Western Cape. It was the site of a famous naval battle between the British and French Spanish fleet during the Napoleonic Wars dubbed the Battle of Chapel gar.

London’s landmark, Trafalgar Square is named for the battle as is a class of submarines in the British Royal Navy water. Law’s fight with Wellington may be a reference to Waterloo the place, where on June 18th 1815, the final battle was fought.