With the Tournament of Power going on it seems the Dragon Ball Community is split on what their focused on. Some are focused on action, some on story, some on the rules and if their really being followed., No matter where you fall I think we can all agree that this weeks 2 part episode was AMAZING!!

Having said that, was their cheating involved, and does that mean that anything goes as long as the outcome pleases the Zeno’s? Two things in this weeks 2 part episode caught my eye, which it could or could not be considered cheating.. So let’s talk about if some fighters are unknowingly cheating!

The first example I want to talk about is Ribrianne of Universe 2. More importantly when she was having her battle with Goku. It seemed Goku had her on the ropes and backed in to a corner, and out of nowhere the God of Destruction Heles and Ribrianne’s partners who share the same transformation, Kakunsa and Rosu start holding up these sticks.

Now at first I thought they were like cheer leading accessories in order to cheer someone on then I took another look at them. They didn’t start off glowing! These sticks started off pale, then as they are cheering for Ribrianne they start to glow the same color as Ribrianne’s ki! Could they be sending Ribrianne ki and energy? That could explain the sudden transformation that she has neglected to use till then..

Next is Goku and preparing the Genki-Dama or known as the Spirit Bomb! I’m not saying the remaining participants giving Goku energy could be considered cheating, but the fact that Krillin, Tien and Roshi gave him energy when they have been eliminated. We have seen and heard that there is NO outside interference or help, so would Krillin, Tien and Roshi helping Goku gain energy for the Spirit Bomb be considered cheating?

It’s hard to say.. On one side it’s help from the outside from members who have been eliminated. Energy Goku wouldn’t of gotten if Krillin, Tien and Roshi wasn’t there to give him energy. Having said that, does that fully go against the rule “no outside help” when Goku didn’t receive the energy directly, nor did it heal or replenish him..

What are your thoughts? Do you think these 2 instances were cheating? Can you differ one from the other? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


Here Is How Goku Surpassed Basically All The Gods Of Destruction!


The episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super featured one of the biggest fight yet in the Tournament of Power. Jiren vs Goku was one heck of a fight and you got this vibe that one universe could get erased any minute. Jiren’s power was shown in full view for the first time, though I need to say that he hasn’t shown anything special but his colossal Ki.

It has been a one-sided battle, with Goku being the underdog even on his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20. He planned to use his trump card, the Spirit Bomb, but this also failed. Jiren let out more of his power through only his glare and deflected the Spirit Bomb. Gathering all his strength, Goku let out another Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20 and redirected it to Jiren, but that also failed. Jiren has come out scot-free for Goku’s defeat.

And for a moment, everyone thought that Goku was finished. Even Zeno-sama is preparing to tap that fear-inducing GodPad. Everyone thought that this is the end for Son Goku of Universe 7, well, except for the Universe 7 team. Universe 7 was right and everyone got to see Goku ascending from mortal into a God.


According to Whis, the energy from Goku’s Spirit Bomb entered the Saiyan’s body as he falls into that exploding energy. Goku fought the primal urge which surfaces in the body’s acceptance of a huge power. This, as Whis put it, made Goku broke through the shell to the deeper potential within himself. Though he is still a mortal, he has been capable to achieve this God-like state.

This unknown state is dubbed by fans as the Limit Breaker state. The Limit Breaker state made Goku achieve the “Ultra Instinct”, this is when an entity learned to move their body parts without them thinking. Even the Gods of Destruction cannot achieve this easily. Hence, in this unlikely moment, Goku basically surpassed all the Gods of Destruction.


The reason why Goku cannot carry on his power is that he cannot contain the power of the Spirit Bomb in his body. Limit Breaker form is not a Super Saiyan form so it means that he cannot achieve this form willingly. Basically, the energy is leaking out of Goku’s body because he cannot contain it even in full calmness. It takes a lot of his concentration to suppress that primal urge inside his body.

Goku is simply not ready to use this state. Though he might have the requisites to access it during his moment in the Tournament of Power, he doesn’t have the requisite to maintain it. But because of this, his current limit has been broken, and his potential was heightened to yet another level.