100 things which points out that you’re addicted to Naruto!

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A poll results show nearly more than 50% of the points are relatable! How many can you relate to!?

1. You’re at the pool and try to walk on water.

2. You attempt to generate shadow doppelgangers when you have a lot to do.

3. You try to talk to toads.

4. You and your friend pretend that you’re Sasuke/Naruto and try to Chidori/Rasengan each other.

5. You make the hand signs, and then hope that somehow fire will come out of your mouth.

6. You burst a vein trying to activate Amaterasu.

7. You wish you had the Sharingan to cheat on a test.

8. You’re determined to sample ramen.

9. You try to activate Byakugan to see through a ‘hot girl/boy’s clothes’.

10. You see a hypnotist and think ‘don’t look into their eyes’.

11. You try to use your pet for a summoning jutsu.

12. You ask your girlfriend to dress like Sakura/Hinata and dye her hair pink/black.

13. You ask your boyfriend to dress like Sasuke and to act emo and angsty.

14. You consider yourself a Chuunin after you’ve graduated high school and a Jounin when you get your master’s degree.

15. You try to use a fire element jutsu when there’s no light.

16. You go hunt for Sasuke.

17. You threaten someone with a jutsu and start doing the hand signs for it.

18. You run like a ninja.

19. You stare hard at someone hoping to cast Tsukoyomi on them.

20. You try rotating your energy in your palm, hoping to form a rasengan.


21. You close your eyes and then open them again hoping that you get the sharingan.

22. You try running up a tree.

23. You say “Believe it!” or “Dattebayo” after every sentence… Believe it!

24. You think about killing your entire family except your little brother… just to test your ability.

25. You have a tattoo on your forehead that says “愛” (LOVE).