‘Boruto’ Brings Back A Surprising ‘Naruto’ Character!


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just gave its heroes a promotion, but audiences are not focusing on Naruto’s son right now. After all, the anime revealed it will be bringing back a surprising character from Naruto, and they have grown up a lot.

When Boruto’s 37th episode ended, a preview for its next release was tagged to its end. The clip followed Boruto and his friends as they were introduced to their 3-member genin teams. However, the preview’s ending got fans hyped when a red-eyed girl appeared.

No, the ninja didn’t pull a Kakashi and receive a Sharingan from a long-lost Uchiha. The new character is none other than Mirai Sarutobi, the daughter of Asuma and Kurenai.


The preview, which can be seen above, shows Mirai fighting Boruto on a rope bridge. The blond ninja gets thrown back into Sarada, and Mitsuki steps in to help the duo when Mirari goes on the offensive once more.


If you are not familiar with Mirari, then you should know the character was introduced in the latter-half of Naruto: Shippuden. The girl was born after Asuma was killed by the Akatsuki, but Mirai still has a close connection with her father. According to the Boruto manga, Mirai visited her father’s grave often growing up. She formed a close sibling-like relationship with Shikadai since they were both trained by Shikamaru. Mirai helped train Shikadai as well once he began the Academy, but her work as a chunin keeps her busy. After being promoted, Shikamaru gave Mirai her father’s chakra blades, and she has since been tasked with missions like escorting the Seventh Hokage.


Mirai Sarutobi


Mirai is the child of Kurenai and Asuma Sarutobi, born in the depths of Autumn.

As a kunoichi, Mirai is cheerful, energetic and dutiful in carrying out any directive given to her. Though she did not know her father — Asuma having died before she was born — she appears to hold him in high regard as she was seen paying her respects to a framed photograph of him before leaving for a mission.


Her black hair is now long and unruly and she has red, ringed irides — both of which she inherited from her mother, while for the most part she strongly resembles her father having inherited the shape of his face and his features. She wears the standard attire of the Konoha-nin inclusive of a green flack jacket over a black jumper and forehead protector. Some time later her outfit would change somewhat: she now wears a high-collared, long-sleeved outfit with a flack jacket that has button down lapels. She also wears shorts, sandals and an armband with the Sarutobi crest emblazoned on it.

Mirai is a very capable kunoichi, known for escorting the Seventh Hokage, as well as being chosen to protect the Sixth Hokage. Stemming from her heritage, she is capable of using her parents abilities, such as using chakra flow to augments the killing power of her chakra blades and use Yin Release to cast powerful genjutsu.

She also knows a range of Wind and Fire Release techniques, the former of which she was instructed in the use of long-range techniques by Temari Nara and the latter Mirai can use create a pillar of fire out of a small spark.