‘Boruto’ Fans Aren’t Happy With The Show’s Latest Censorship!

If you are a long-time fan of anime, you know the industry has a complicated censorship history. Over the years, the medium has gone to bizarre lengths to cover up potentially NSFW images, but Boruto fans did not think they needed to worry about such issues.

That is, until the anime came after one of Orochimaru’s human experiments.

This week, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live with a brand-new episode, but its last moments rubbed some fans the wrong way. The release detailed part of Mitsuki’s past before the boy came to the Leaf Village. Having lost his memories, Mitsuki went on a mission with his father Orochimaru to get them back, but they were held up by a mysterious man named Log.

As the episode later revealed, Log turned out to be an older clone of Mitsuki who Orochimaru made. The revelation helped the young boy realize his own path, and Mitsuki turned away from the elder ninjas to forge his own destiny. Orochimaru and Log were left to talk cordially once Mitsuki bolted, and it was then TV Tokyo went into its odd censorship mode.

In the aired episode, Log is shown holding up a lighter to his mouth, but there is nothing in-between the ninja’s parted lips. A raw image from the anime’s creators confirmed Log was supposed to be smoking a cigarette, but TV Tokyo simply erased it from most of its broadcasts.

Fans took to the Internet to criticize the shoddy censoring, but they cannot say they are too surprised by the move. Anime screenings in Japan are subjected to complex censorship laws, and smoking is usually a no-go for primetime series. In the past, anime titles have had to replace cigarettes with things like lollipops, but fans of Boruto shouldn’t get too riled up. After all, poor Asuma had to deal with this kind of censorship for years.

What is the weirdest case of anime censorship you can recall?


Boruto Manga Proves That [SPOILER] Is Stronger Than Naruto!

Hey guys. Every time a new Boruto volume is released, three new cards come out with it. These cards contain statistics about three specific such as strength, stamina, ninjutsu prowess, etc. So with the most recent volume, three new cards came out. One of these cards is of Konohamaru Sarutobi. His card has actually sparked debates all over the internet. Here is Konohamaru’s card—

Credits for the photo goes to thespirallingsphere.com
Now as you can see, those are some really good stats. You might ask what’s sensational about his stats? That’s nice question. While the stats do look good when they compared to the stats of Naruto, Konohamaru has better stats than Naruto. Don’t go crazy yet. Here is Naruto’s card—

One big thing to keep in mind is that this is base Naruto that we are comparing to Konohamaru. Before you lose your interest, let me remind you that base Naruto is better than most of the ninjas. Base Naruto still has better chakra reserves and powers as he’s half Uzumaki and he is also the descendant of Asura Ōtsutsuki.
Konohamaru has better stats than Naruto in three departments. First comes the strength where Konohamaru beats Naruto 160-110. Next comes intelligence where almost anyone can defeat our Knucklehead ninja. Konohamaru wins by 100-90. Finally the third thing is perception. In this field, Konohamaru has a score of 140 while Naruto has a score of 120. Konohamaru has really become a splendid shinobi.

It seems like yesterday when he was just an arrogant brat with absolutely zero skill. However, he has trained a lot and has become a fine Jōnin of the Hidden Leaf. Ever since the release of the most recent chapter of Boruto manga, everyone has been anxiously waiting for Konohamaru to be involved in a fight. I think it’s about time that we see the grandson of the God of the Shinobi in action.