Did ‘Boruto’ Just Give —– Their Own Chidori?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is heating up, and it looks like war could be on the horizon. The anime is in the midst of its ‘Mist Village’ arc, and it seems the newly resurrected Swordsmen of the Mist are looking to kill Boruto.

So, it’s a good thing the kid has one intense jutsu hidden up his sleeve.

Boruto’s 28th episode went live earlier today, and fans were able to watch as Naruto’s son was pitted against the Mist’s bloody traitors. Shizuma made a long-awaited appearance before Kagura and Boruto as he made a reckless declaration of war. When the Hoshigaki ninja tried to sway Kagura to his side, Boruto did what he could to fight off the boy, but the rest of the Mist’s swordsmen made it impossible – or so we thought.

Faced with a group of armed ninjas, Boruto used his head in a way that would make Sasuke glow with pride. The ninja-in-training unleashed two types of elemental chakra to debut his “lethal Boruto Stream.”

As you can see here, Boruto uses his wind chakra to speed himself up as he charges the swordsmen. When the group tries to draw their weapons, Boruto uses the wind chakra to give him unbelievable speed, and his lightning release is then used to coat his weapons. Boruto is able to dodge the goons and go straight for Shizuma, but the leader is able to take down Boruto with a well-aimed water jutsu. Fans were quick to compare Boruto Stream to Sasuke’s own Chidori thanks to its need for speed and electricity. So, naturally, fans are excited to see the boy master the move.

The swordsmen were impressed by Boruto’s skill despite him not even being a ninja yet, so they did not dare go easy on him. The group wanted to assassinate Boruto in hopes of prompting the Leaf Village to go to war with the Mist, but the Hokage’s son is not about to let that happen. If he has anything to say, then the Swordsmen of the Mist will be taken down before any wars can be waged.