Did You Catch ‘Boruto’s Nod To ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’?

The day has finally come. If you ever wanted to compare Sakura Haruno to Captain America, then the time is here. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just gave you the perfect excuse to make all the fan-art you want.

In the latest episode of Boruto, fans were in for an animation treat. The anime’s new episode caught up with Sakura after the heroine was taken hostage by Shin Uchiha. The rogue ninja forced Sakura to heal him, but the girl had an ulterior motive for going along with Shin’s plans. Sakura stored away all of the villain’s motivations as he explained his vendetta against Sasuke. So, when the time was right, Sakura let loose against the baddie.

However, it was during the pair’s fight that Marvel fans noticed something odd. Shin and Sakura do a round of hand-to-hand combat before they begin using jutsu, but their sparring looked way too familiar. Shin was seen using fancy knife skills against Sakura as the heroine dodged, and it didn’t take long to place the fight scene.


After all, it was lifted straight from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Over on Twitter, fans began to point out the similarities between the sequences. As you can see above, Captain America houses a scene where Steve Rogers goes up against the Winter Soldier on the streets. The masked villain is shown doing some knife work to confuse Captain America, but Steve is able to dodge the Winter Soldier’s attack. The Avenger was the first to parry such an attack before Sakura could, and fans admit they’re blown away by the anime’s subtle nod.


This Piccolo Fan-Art Has ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Fans Buzzing

Piccolo often does not get his fair shake in Dragon Ball as he usually serves as the fighter who holds down the fort against enemies until Goku shows up, but he has his fair share of fans.

Twitter user @hariharitt paid tribute to Piccolo’s coolness with an equally cool and powerful piece of fan art:


The art depicts Piccolo charging his patented Special Beam Cannon while the ghosts of Nail and Kami mysteriously float above him. Each one of them has a dark and mysterious aura that is perfectly fitting to the character Piccolo has evolved into by Dragon Ball Super.

In fact, Dragon Ball Super has gone out of its way to showcase many of Piccolo’s strengths. While he wasn’t too involved in the “Battle of Gods” arc and was relegated to the background for the “Revival of F” arc, he first started showing off his strength during the “Universe 6” arc against Frost.

But even then, his power increased even more so. Before his final turn during the “Universal Survival” arc’s Tournament of Power, the series paid homage to his past and has featured many shout outs and Easter eggs eagle eyed fans had been able to pick out. He once use a classic move, the Explosive Demon Wave, against an invisible opponent. In a fight with the Namekians from Universe 6, Piccolo had a moment where he saw visions of his two fused partners Nail and Kami in his consciousness as well.

In that moment too, Gohan and Piccolo traded places and Gohan deflects a blast aimed at a helpless Piccolo much like Piccolo saved Gohan during the “Saiyan” arc. Moments like these and the fan art above have paved their way into fans’ hearts and built up a large amount of appreciation for Piccolo overall.