Your Favorite Character Is Returning In Boruto!

Boruto anime is slowly getting closer to the Manga now, and the days in Academy are close to being over. The anime has focused a lot on the Academy days, and while some liked it, others didn’t. There is really a mixed reaction about Boruto among the fans, but I liked it. I think it is good that they focused on the Academy so much, because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have got to know about the next generation characters, and more importantly, the anime and manga would’ve been too close to each other, leading to poor episodes.

As of now, the anime is transitioning into the Graduation exams arc. The Graduation is set to begin soon, and is likely going to last for about a month r two. After the graduation exam is done with, the anime is going to adapt the manga, and we’ll finally get to see the Momoshiki arc, and some epic fights as well. I’m really excited for all that, but right now, were focusing on the graduation exams. The next episode of Boruto is about a Parent-teacher meet, where an old character is set to return.

Here’s what the synopsis for the next Boruto Episode says:

‘Before the graduation exam, a Parent-Teacher meeting is held to review every Student’s future path. Even though he had excellent grades in “Ninjutsu”, Boruto was worried since he was troublesome in class, and wasn’t on the right track to becoming a proper ninja. By chance, Boruto meets Sukea – A free journalist, before the graduation exam. Feeling that his future as a Ninja is at risk, Sukea gives him some advice.’

You may be wondering who the returning character is. It’s Sukea. For those of you who don’t remember, Sukea is the freelance journalist who was actually Kakashi in disguise. We saw him in a Naruto episode, and that’s when his actual face was revealed. Sukea is set to return in the next episode of Boruto, so prepare for some Kakashi action! I know the next episode is not going to be a serious one, but seeing Kakashi once again is definitely going to hype fans up!


Latest Boruto Manga Confirms A Huge Thing!


The Boruto manga began over a year ago, and till now, we’ve got 18 chapters, which is fine, since the manga is a monthly one. The manga got an anime this year, but the strange thing was that the anime and the manga had completely different stories. While they both followed the story of Boruto Uzumaki, the manga was set after the graduation of Boruto and his friends, while the anime began before the graduation exams, and was set it the days of the Konoha Ninja Academy. This upset quite a few fans, but we’re definitely getting there.

An interesting question that actually came up because of this was, is the stuff that’s happening in the anime even canon? We’re used to fillers in the series now. So many did consider all this stuff to be filler. Even though Kishimoto was said to be working on them, it just didn’t feel like canon to many. However, I don’t think that can be argued anymore. The last few Boruto chapters have been somehow linked to the anime, which confirms that the anime is actually 100% canon.


In Boruto Chapter 17, we got 100% confirmation that the arc about Hidden Mist was canon because Boruto mentioned going on a trip to Kirigakure in the Academy. That’s not all. In the recent Boruto chapter, we saw Sumire Kakei, who we know was at the Academy with Boruto Uzumaki. So, yes. Whatever is happening in the anime is actually 100 % canon, and that only means one thing. We’re gonna see the rest of the characters as well.


I’m talking about Iwabee and Denki in particular. Iwabee is one of the strongest Ninjas in the current generation of Boruto, and he needs to be relevant to the story. We just don’t know what happened to him after graduation. On the other hand, we also have Denki. Denki isn’t great at Ninjutsu, but we know that he’s very smart. He knows a lot about scientific technology, and wants to work on that, so he’s interesting as well. I think we’ll be seeing both Kawaki and Denki shortly in the series.

I personally want to see them as soon as possible, because they’re very interesting characters. Iwabee Yuino looks to have a serious future as far as the anime is concerned, and I think that’s how it is supposed to be in the manga as well. But these are just my thoughts on it.