Fugaku Uchiha – The Deserving Hokage!

Minato the yellow flash aka the fourth Hokage. He was seen as a once in a generation prodigy and the hero of the fourth great ninja war with so many people calling for the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi to step down and let Minato become the Hokage.It seemed like the only choice seeing as the only other candidate for the fourth Hokage position was Orochimaru.

However what if I told you there was a third person many people felt worthy to be considered to be Hokage. I will share with you the reason why Itachi’s father Fugaku Uchiha was being overlooked for Hokage position. THis also caused an infuriation through the uchiha clan.

Now as we all know Minato was a legend in the third great ninja war. As the sources of legends say, the guy took down a thousand ninja just using his flying Thunder God jutsu. However as stated in the Itachi novel, it makes it clear that Minato wasn’t the only hero of the third great ninja war. Fugaku uchiha, the head of
the Uchiha clan and the father of Itachi and Sasuke was a major unsung hero during the war in the first Itachi novel.

We learned that Fugaku was known as Fugaku wicked eye and there were many people inside and outside of the Uchiha clan who are very vocal about the fact that Fugaku should have been considered to be Hokage.

The scene I am gonna quote from the novel, occurs just as a four year old Itachi returns home from training and overhears the very loud opposition to Minato being picked as the fourth Hokage.

“Why should the fourth Hokage be Minato! The fierce voice on the other side of the closed sliding door stopped Itachi in his ~tracks. You don’t know who could be listening keep your voice down. You should be the fourth Hokage, there’s no one better than you to take on the mantle. Other lands, they trembled at the name of wicked Fugaku during the last war just as they did the yellow flash. You deserve more. No your place is as the head of Konoha. It’s all the administration’s plan to keep you down village officials they don’t want any uchiha standing on center stage. They said nothing in the village of all the work you did during the war, it was all about Minato and even Kakashi Hatake who has a Sharingan despite not being from our clan. It isn’t right you did just as much as Minato. If people can make a fuss over ..- Enough! My son is listening! ”

We can take away from this that Fugaku was a legend who had feats on par of those with Minato and the sannin. However the discrimination against the uchiha clan kept him from being in serious consideration for the Hokage. See the fact that the village officials made it so there’s nothing about his accomplishments speaks largely about the distrust of the Uchiha clan but instead they focused on someone who accomplished the same level of success and Minato and someone who accomplished a lot less than Kakashi is proof that their claim is true.

It’s also here that we see the seeds of rebellion beginning to pop up. It’s important to note that Fugaku tried to calm their anger by expressing that he accepted his position within the village but it makes you wonder, he did have a right to be outraged if his feats were that notable. It says a lot about him because he imparted the same amount of fear as Minato’s.

Actually he was called wicked eye, which literally means that he’s probably very efficient in sharingan genjutsu. The fact that village officials felt threatened by someone who accomplished so much in the war shows how much they actually feared the Uchiha.

What do you guys think? Should Fugaku had become the fourth Hokage or not? He was at least worthy but just because of him being a Uchiha? This was all Danzo’s plot I swear it. Damn! Tell your views in the comments.