You think you know about Naruto?

1. Kakashi used to have a slogan.

During earlier drafts of Naruto, Kakashi would end his sentences with “gozaru,” a polite and old fashioned mannerism. Seriously tho? Kakashi? It would’ve been a utter fail if they had implemented this. I swear the cool Kakashi vibe is the best image for him. What do you think about this? Would you have rather wanted it to change or remain as it is? Post it in the comments bros and sis.

2. Chouji’s dad is part of the group that wanted to kill Naruto in Chapter 1.


This panel is on page 38 of chapter 1. Seriously? You were on so many mission’s with Naruto’s father Minato and Minato was the Hokage. I think the author didn’t put much thought in the characters in this scene when he was drawing it. But still this one hits a home run.

3. Naruto’s favorite ramen shop “Ichiraku” exists in real life.


Ichiraku is a ramen shop in Kyushu near the university that author Masashi Kishimoto graduated from. The rumors tell us that the menu and ramen served there is inspired by the manga itself and tries to imitate the presentation as well. Some reviews says it’s one of the best ramen joint in the area as well. Hmm I wish I could try some Ichiraku ramen hahah.

4. Shikamaru’s IQ is above 200.


Just to put into perspective, Bill Gates is rumored to be around 170. Shikamaru’s sensei even told Kurenai that he’s a rough diamond and probably the smartest kid in the whole village. He proved himself very well in the missions and the great ninja war. Even after losing sensei and his dad, he continued to do his job and carried on their legacies as a proud Leaf shinobi. He’s currently Naruto’s adviser

5. One of the scroll hangings in Sasuke’s room is different in the anime and manga.

Sasuke's roomSasuke's room

In the manga,the scroll on the far left says “Director Date!!” (director of the anime).

In the anime, the scroll was changed to say “Kishimoto Sensei!!” (Authors are referred to as “sensei”)

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6. If he takes his hood off, Kankuro’s hairstyle looks like Naruto’s.


Kankuro has a dramatic, unique look, but underneath that big hood his hair is surprisingly normal!

7. Asuma’s cigarette is never lit in the official American version


The smoke effects were specifically edited out.

8. A pair of twins played Sakura’s part in Naruto: the Musical (2006)

sakura manakana

The twin singers Mikura Mana and Mikura Kana (Manakana) were double cast as Haruno Sakura!

9. The reason only Hinata appears in the Naruto ending song “Jitensha” (Bicycle) is because the anime staff contained a lot of Hinata fans.

naruto ending jitensha

On that note, Kurenai’s class (Hinata included) does not get many panels in the manga, but gets more screen time in the anime because of the anime staff.

10. Team Seven (Naruto’s team) was the first group to have been passed by Kakashi.

Naruto Team 7

Kakashi didn’t pass “boneheads that just did whatever they were asked to do.”

11. Kakuzu’s techniques are named after the series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Naruto Kakuzu

For example, Earth Grudge Fear (jiongu) was named after the gundam MSN-02 Zeong.

12. Neji’s forehead marks are different in the anime and manga.

Naruto Neji Hyuga

They changed it in the manga because they felt the swastika was too strongly associated with Nazis.

13. The toads all have namesakes.

Naruto toads

* Gamabunta = Bunta Sugawara

* Gamaken = Takakura Ken

* Shima = Iwashita Shima

They were famous actors (and actress) in the 80s and 90s.

14. Naruto’s trademark “Kage Bunshin” is actually a Jōnin level technique.

naruto kage bunshin

15. The tallest shinobi in Hidden Leaf is Ibiki Morino

Ibiki Morino

Height: 193.5cm (~6’4”)

Weight: 88kg (194lbs)

16. Naruto wasn’t supposed to be a ninja.


At first, Naruto Uzumaki was supposed to be able to use a form of magic instead of ninjutsu. But the author thought this was confusing, so just made Naruto a ninja.

17. The anime almost got cancelled.

Naruto Cover

A certain organization was not happy at the high amount of deaths in the series, and issued a complaint, requesting one of the sponsors of the show to pull their funding.

18. Sanji from One Piece was supposed to be named Naruto.

One Piece Sanji

The character Sanji was originally named Naruto as his eyebrows are curly. But since Naruto was released around the same time, The author of One Piece changed his own character’s name to Sanji.

19. The Naruto BGM was chosen with overseas viewers in mind.

Naruto Character

The producers of the anime had already planned on releasing Naruto outside of Japan from the start, so they sought out music that contained a lot of Japanese instruments such as taiko, shakuhachi, and shamisen because they would be a more unfamiliar experience for non-Japanese people.

20. The Legendary Sannin are a reference to an old novel.

 legendary sannin

The trio of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru exist as characters from a novel named “The Ballad of the Hero Jiraiya,” published in 1839.