Naruto Characters Without Their Noses!

You might giggle or laugh a lot seeing a few of them! Let’s start!


1. Sakura

Isn’t sakura looking a lot more dumber than usual!? (No offence to sakura fans). This one really cracked me up. Imagine having this art style for the whole anime and manga.. DAMN I am sure naruto wouldn’t try on this version of Sakura! hahah

2. Gaara


Gaara already had no eye brows…. and now nose… WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM OUR SAND NINJAAA… Seriously this scene was so intense and serious and you can see the scary look gaara is trying to make but… without the nose it’s just like forced humor… My poor bro gaara.

3. Tsunade

Tsunade seems pretty normal eh? Just the face looks a bit longer than usual hmm.

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