Naruto Replaces Goku In Journey To The West Figure Chibi Figure Set

Not that the set up really lasted long in the ever-evolving series, but initially, Dragon Ball was a spoof of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, aka Saiyuki, with Bulma as the monk Xuanzang, Goku as the Monkey King, well, Goku, Oolong as the half-pig monster Zhu Bajie and Yamcha as the sand-dwelling bandit Sha Wujing. In a new MegaHouse Petit Chara figure set it’s Team Seven’s turn to take the famous roles.


Of course, Naruto is the monkey king, Sasuke is the sand-bandit, Sakura is the pig-monster and Kakashi is the monk. The four 7cm Petit Chara Land NARUTO Shippuden – Nanahan de Tenjiku Mezasuttebayo! Saiyuki Hen figures sell for 4,860yen.






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Shizuma Hoshigaki

Kagura Karatachi

Buntan Kurosuki





Why can’t Kagura defy Shimazu?

Apparently, Shimazu defended a student that Kagura was so close to killing. Kagura loses control when he wields a sword. Apparently, his blood of Yagura triggers the murderous instincts inside him. Shimazu stops him and tells him that he will protect him. He defended Kagura for the past 3-4 years and made him feel that he’s not the one in the wrong. He actually cared about Kagura and kept him as his precious junior. Due to the guilt and the fact Shimazu always protected Kagura’s name and honor, Kagura is unable to defy anything Shimazu says and totally believes him.