The Reason Why No One Revived Kisame Hoshigaki!

The reincarnated Shinobi list made headlines when the most powerful generations where revived into battle. Various theories were also made by fans, especially ones about those who were powerful but were still left out.

Speaking of which, i’ll also be looking at a very powerful individual that was left out as well. Yes, its kisame. So i will be outlining the real reason why he was never brought back into war. This is just a theory i managed to come up with after analyzing the events in the anime. Before we get deep into it lets look into some few facts.

What really made Kisame strong? Well it was his mastery of the sword he possessed. Which earned him great reputation amongst the seven swordsmen of the mist.

And the fact that he spent much time with his samehada made him to possesses  almost the same chakra as the sword. He was at a point where the sword was like another part of him. Which explained why he was never sensed when hiding within it.

Kisame was also said to have almost infinite chakra with Samehada giving him the chakra from his enemies. his earned him the name “The tailless tailed beast”. And you would remember that in all his fights against Might Guy, the one where Guy struggled was when he had Samehada.

So the Kisame x Samehada duo is the one that is almost invincible. And the one to break this partnership defeated Kisame. That was when Samehada grew fond of Gyuki’s Chakra and wouldn’t stand to watch Bee die. It was only because of this that Bee won.

If you connect all of this together it all comes to one and the same thing. Kisame was considered to be strong because of Samehada. If you take Samehada away, which is what Bee did, then Kisame becomes very vulnerable.

With Samehada Kisame can instantly heal any damage and recover lost stamina. But immediately when Samehada was taken away, kisame got defeated. Even though it wasnt him, all he could do was hide in it. And he didn’t even survive one fight when he was found to be hiding within Samehada.

It wasn’t the matter of whether his genetic  material was not available for the reanimation. Because as you know Kabuto, he probably had genetic material of almost everyone in Akatsuki. And this probably include Obito. So with Kabuto skills, i’m sure he already had Kisame’s DNA. But didnt revive him due to the fact that he lost Samehada. So he wouldnt be as useful.

You should also remember that Kisame was a very loyal servant of Obito and Akatsuki. To a point where he could even sacrifice his life to protect Obito’s identity and even deliver the intel he collected on his death.

So Kisame would be more of a liability than of help to Kabuto as he was only manipulating Obito so he can get Sasuke. So Obito might have already analyzed this situation and found out that it will put him at a disadvantage with Obito having more support.