Someone Robbed A Store To Test His Naruto Skills!


Apparently the ANBU black ops are a horrible influence for fans in real-life. Before I explain this out, I had many crazy and outrageous adventures as an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, but one thing I never attempted to do was rob a store as a means of testing my ninja skills. You read me correctly! Someone confused Naruto’s manga for a how-to-rob-stores-with-ninjutsu.



According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, Christopher Zahyeer Atkins, 25, of Altamonte Springs, Florida, tried robbing a store because “…it was teaching him to be a ninja and how to enter secured areas.” The funniest part? He didn’t actually steal anything, according to police.



At 1 A.M EST, authorities responded to reports a man was breaking and entering in a local Target located at 100 block of Perimeter Center Place, Florida. According to Dunwoody’s Police Department: “Last night officers responded to a burglary alarm at one of our major retail stores.



The alarm company observed a suspect on camera making forced entry into the business. Officers quickly arrived on scene and checked the area. One of our officers observed a suspect walking away from the business matching the suspect description seen on camera.



Officers interviewed the suspect and he admitted to making forced entry into the business because he was reading the book Naruto, Volume 5. In this book it was teaching him to be a ninja and how to enter secured areas. He was arrested and charged with 1st degree burglary. (AS)



Atkins was placed in jail for first-degree burglary charges. Contrary to what some articles are writing, Atkins didn’t actually rob anything; according to The Atlantic Journal-Constitution, he was found in possession of his belongings which consisted of 10 books, 10 DVDs, an ONN DVD player, a Samsung tablet, Bluetooth headphones, a clock, money and a book bag.




Gaara’s Son Shinki’s Unique Powers, Even Greater Than A Tailed Beast

Shinki is a name you’ve probably heard of, from the Next Generation. He’s the son of Gaara, who he has adopted some time during the time-skip. Shinki was revealed in Boruto the movie at first, and later, he also made an appearance in the Boruto the manga.

But, he has not made an appearance in the Boruto anime yet. Being the son of Gaara, Shinki is a Shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Sand, and he, along with Yodo is said to be a very talented Shinobi. Shinki is said to have the potential to surpass even Gaara as a Shinobi.

Shinki is a member of the Kazekage Clan from Sunagakure. This clan is the one from where the Kazekage are chosen. So you could say that Shinki is already in line to become the next Kazekage of Sunagakure, as it is inevitable.

We don’t know much about his powers, but he looks to be a calm and composed figure. His power is said to be extremely high as well. It is said that Shinki excels at the usage of Ninjutsu. Even as a Genin, Shinki is a user of a staggering three natures. He can use Wind Release, as every shinobi in Sunagakure is. However, that’s not all, as he can also use another nature type in Earth Release. He is said to have some skill in using it.

Shinki breezed past everyone in the fights during the exams. Shinki easily defeated Metal Lee, who is arguably the best student at the Academy.

He possesses the magnet release just like his father, Gaara. Adding to this Shinki also has the iron sand. Remember the Third Kazekage and his iron sand? It is truly a frightening weapon. The iron sand is considered the strongest weapon in the history of Sunagakure. Imagine a kid possessing this dangerous weapon. I personally don’t think that he can’t handle the iron sand as in the movie he remained perfectly calm and composed while fighting with it. Shinki does possess the brawn to fight but he’s quite intelligent.

That’s right, the most powerful weapon in the history of Sunagakure. A weapon so feared that it was considered to be greater than Shukaku. Shinki has the power to conquer this, and the strongest power that has ever existed in Sunagakure.

Spoiler ahead When Momoshiki invaded the place instead of rushing to fight him, Shinki withdrew as he noticed that their was a big difference between their power level.


One important detail that even the people who have watched the movie might’ve not noticed is that Shinki is also a puppeteer. He was possibly taught by his uncle, Kankuro. It could be possible that we might get a new Sasori (in terms of power only). Shinki’s powers resembles those of Sasori. The biggest difference is that Shinki doesn’t need a puppet to use the magnet release and the iron sand.

He has the potential to become the strongest Kazekage in the Sand’s history. Of course, Shinki is just raw talent right now. But, he’ll grow as a shinobi with time, and I’m sure he’ll become a great Kazekage! Are you excited to see Shinki in Boruto? Let me know in the comments section below!