Suigetsu’s Secret Mission In The Hidden Mist!

The last episode left us with Kagura leaving with Shizuma & Co. to join up the New Seven Ninja Sworsmen. They declared war over the village and wants to reform the whole village.

The latest episode starts with Shizuma & Co., taking the Mist sword for themselves and then going to their hideout. Later, the Mizukage and Mei Terumi finding out about the the remaining mist swords being stolen with the name of the 7 new ninja swordsmen written on the wall. Mei calls this as a declaration of war against the village and asks Chojuro, “What are you gonna do now?”. To which he replies that he would execute them if the matter escalates even further, even including Kagura.

Later, Mei and Chojuro are stopped by Boruto and Sarada. They try to convince Chojuro that he shouldn’t execute Kagura as it’s not his fault, Kagura just cannot defy Shizuma’s orders and Boruto has a plan to stop all this. After a bit of talking Chojuro agrees to Boruto’s plans and improvises it a bit and joins them.

While Kagura on the other hand is realizing the fact that he cannot defy Shizuma. The REAL reason that he cannot defy him is not because of the wound he gave him or anything, it’s the fact that Shizuma is the only one who accepts Kagura as he is and HAS NEVER lied to him about anything he said.

Kagura then pledges that if he crosses swords with Boruto again… he would have to kill him no matter what, he cannot show mercy again.

Later when Boruto and Sarada are leaving the place where they were staying, Shikadai and Inojin spots them and finds it suspicious. They try to tail them but rather than finding Boruto, they found Mitsuki with… SUIGETSU!!

Mitsuki is talking to Suigetsu and suigetsu warns Mitsuki that he shouldn’t go rescue Boruto and it’s HIS (Orochimaru probably) orders that you shouldn’t get involved. Suigetsu also states that, it would be ‘very bad’ if the hidden mist learns about mitsuki’s connection to them. What could possibly this mean?


Then Suigetsu sighs about how he finally got to come back to his home village to complete his mission and Boruto & Co got involved in the mess and now are in his way in the mission. It’s basically clear his mission is related to Shizuma and co. He states that how he doesn’t like they are calling themselves the new 7 ninja swordsmen when they are just brats with no war experience. Here mitsuki catches the hint and asks that was suigetsu investigating them?

At this moment, Suigetsu catches Shikadai and Inojin, he knows they’re not enemies and decides to play a small prank on them. Mitsuki tries to convince suigetsu to let him go help boruto but suigetsu exclaims that he shouldn’t get carried away. Then Suigetsu finally hands over the info about the mission and other stuff to Mitsuki in a scroll/scroll USB. HERE HE REVEALS SOMETHING IMPORTANT.

HERE he reveals that now Mitsuki would be doing the job he was gonna do before and crush Shizuma in his place.

This reveals the mission he was given –

  1. He was sent to investigate and possible list out the feudal lords and other people who are backing Shizuma and Co.
  2. Addition to that, he was to stop Shizuma before any huge conflict or damage happens and bring him as a prisoner possibly.
  3. He waited till Shizuma and other acquired the 7 mist swords so there’s a possibility that he’s after Zabuza’s sword again along with the other great swords. As it was his dream to recreate the ‘Authentic’ 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.


Old Character From Naruto Returns But As A Possible Future Enemy!?

The latest chapter of the Boruto manga came out few days back. The manga is quite ahead of the anime, well in fact a LOT ahead of it. Anyway, in the 17th Chapter that is titled ‘Ao’ we see an old ninja friend back in the manga all alive who was presumed dead. But there’s a catch?? He’s currently working as an ‘outer’ for the organization Kara (the new akatsuki) and  hasn’t contacted with the Hidden Mist Village ever since. We still don’t know if Kara is some evil organization or what.

So, considering if you were a big fan of Ao, then you may not have the same opinion about him. The latest chapter of Boruto catches up with Konohamaru as the ninja explores an abandoned ship that seems to have been carrying something. With the item missing, the Jounin attempts to retrieve the data about the package, but he is cut short when a comrade of his is injured.

Back in Konoha, Boruto and his team have a very tense conversation with Naruto before they are assigned a mission. And, as the chapter ends, fans are stunned to know that Ao has since renounced his loyalty to the Blood Mist Village and is supporting a new organization known as Kara.

After Ao runs into Boruto’s team during their mission, the man is seen sitting on a train with a member of Kara’s inner circle sitting behind him. Ao does not seem surprised by the man’s sudden appearance, and the Kara member explains just why he has come.

The masked ninja Kashin Koji explains to AO that, “The reason for this is because of a certain complication that has arisen. We’ve lost the vessel, The elders are in an uproar about it. I don’t know the reasoning behind it, but since they were fiddling with things as if they were toys, this kind of situation…”

When Ao asks what he is meant to do about it, the Kara member says the former Mist ninja has helped them before. The war hero casts a genjutsu on a Konoha scientist to learn more about the Leaf village’s Ninja Scientific Tools, and the Kara member expects Ao to help his organization retrieve their lost vessels.

The Old ninja is not convinced by the idea but Ao agrees to it and says “Indeed, I suppose it’ll be the first time in 16 years that I’ll be partaking in some actual combat.”

Ao was a hero of heroes of Mist village. Ao acted as a close advisor to the Mizukage during the Fourth Great Ninja War, but many had thought Ao died during the conflict. Boruto not only revealed the ninja survived his encounter with the Ten-Tails, but he has since abandoned his home to make his bed with a group being hailed as the next Akatsuki.