Team 7’s Unexpected First Mission, Something’s Coming!

So, Episode 40 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will feature the very first mission of Team 7. What’s more if that we got some epic leaks from the Episode. Well, their mission will be repelling some bandits who have been attacking a certain village.

We will actually see some new faces, including a woman named Kiri. Kiri is said to be the leader of the Village which is in a continuous attack by some bandits. Well, Kiri is the daughter of the past leader of this village who is dead; so now she has taken over her father’s position of the village head.

Episode 40 is titled as Team 7: First Mission, Led by Konohamaru, Team 7 is going to fight against these Bandits that appeared in that Village. The only thing I’m excited about is that we didn’t get to see much of Konohamaru’s powers so what kind of powers he possesses. Well, They are yet to be disclosed.

It would’ve been another Normal-filler episode of Boruto but, It was said, That these bandits are actually hiding their real identities. Unfortunately, It turns out that these bandits were some ninja in disguise, and it appears that they have kidnapped Kiri (the head of the village) as well.

What kind of Ninja are they? Isn’t it same as past Team 7’s (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) mission? It is much like when Naruto’s Team 7’s mission changed from just an escorting mission to an A rank mission in which later they got to see the legendary Zabuza.

What If, the ninja’s hiding their identities are actually some strong Ninjas from other villages who are against the peace of this world? Or, maybe some old Villain of Naruto series returning in Boruto series. This is what will make Team Konohamaru an exception. And viewers can get their focus on Team 7 as well.