Tobirama Senju – The God Slayer!

I think Tobirama Senju is one of the most underrated shinob in the whole series. We don’t see much about him or about his fights. But personally I think he should be given the title of ‘God Slayer’. He’s just too creative and smart. The amount of jutsu’s he invented and recreated may be more than the amount of Uchiha’s Itachi massacred.

He’s a water style specialist and he can perform Kage level water jutsu’s even without having water around him. Just try to beat that will ya, other kages?

Let’s talk about some of his creative and powerful jutsus!

Kage Bunshin No Jutsu or Shadow Clone Technique

Literally the jutsu which helped Naruto learn and grow at such a fast rate. Here I present you it’s creator, Tobiram Senju. Damn this is one of the most badass jutsu. Why couldn’t he create it before and teach it to the whole Senju clan and then dominate the whole world. Damn it. This is one jutsu I really want in my life. 🙁

Suiton Suishoha or Water Style: Water Shock Wave

He is not the creator of this jutsu, but up till now he’s the only one capable of using this jutsu during his age. Later it was shown Suigetsu could also do this thanks to Ororchimaru’s experiments. It summons a vortex type of thing along with high crushing waves which he can control with his hand alone. Kisame can also use it apparently.

Suiton Suryuu Dan No Jutsu or Water Style: Water Dragon


Summons Water Dragon, ’nuff said. Literally makes a water draon outta no where and makes it do his bidding. Every time he used this jutsu in the anime or manga, the enemy was just so terrified and scared of the dragon. Jesus, another terrifying jutsu.

Gojo Kibaku Fuda or Endless Explosive Tags


The jutsu starts with a few explosive tags which multiplies when they explode, summoning / bringing more explosive tags. They multiply at such a horrifying rate that, one is destined to die if caught in it. It’s similar to Konan’s 10 billion explosive tags attack but this jutsu doesn’t need much preparation like Konan’s jutsu did.

Flying Raijin Jutsu and all others under it


Mark an object and teleport to it any number of times. It’s one of the most advanced space/time ninjutsu. Only Kage level or genius’ shinobis can perform this jutsu on their own.

Edo Tensei

I wonder why did he even invent this. Jesus nearly everything happened was because of this jutsu. Revive the dead? Unkillable strong puppets? Seriously. I don’t know what he was thinking but he created one deadly jutsu just to be exploited by Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Kokuangyo No Jutsu or Infinite Darkness Jutsu(Genjutsu)

This is one of the most advanced level genjutsu aside from Sharingan genjutsus. It makes the opponent go completely blind, hence the name “Infinite Darkness”. This gives the caster a huge advantage as he can now attack and won’t be detected by his enemy at any cost.

That’s it for the list. Tobirama is one strong shinobi!